10 desember 2007

Dr. Megan Roughley sier det som det er..

My Darling Essayists,

Each one of you is GUILTY (though some to a lesser, some to a greater, degree) of the abuse, mutilation, slaughter -- yea, even massacre -- of English Verbs.

What has this Race of Verbs done that it should suffer so at your hands? Do you truly think that they are insignificant, unworthy of your due care and attention, simply because, to you, they are 'foreign'? Do you truly believe that you can so blithely ignore their individual tenses, their personal pluralities and singularities, without consequence?

Read and repent, O Children of Odin! Mind your ways before the Great Ghost of Albion's Grammaria (The Great GAG) descends upon you with plagues of prepositions and apostrophes to bring to ruination all your longed-for Good Grades!

Det er mulig det skinner noe igjennom at Megan har svært lite til overs for både rasisme og religion...


Soundtrack: Jeff Wayne - Eve of the War

09 desember 2007


- Ja..? Nå stoppa du midt i en setning igjen, bare så du vet det!

- Hmm? Å.. Tenkte jeg på utsiden av hodet igjen?

*Høylydt sukk*


Soundtrack: They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul